Monday, April 5, 2021

Hackers released Facebook User's Leaked Data For Free Download


The case of data leakage from Facebook is becoming big issue once again and this is a huge dent in the Facebook security. Selling the phone number and personal data of Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg is in the headlines. Report says that data of more than 533 million people of 100 countries around the world using Facebook has been leaked online.
Now hackers have made public the phone numbers and private data of more than 533 million users for free and anyone who has basic knowledge of hacking can initiate Facebook Leaked Data download and use.

What is the risk of Facebook Data Leak :

Alon Gal, a security expert, discovered few months before that Facebook users' phone numbers and personal data were being sold at Telegram by using Telegram Bot. Now he found in few hacking forum that the same data is being sold by hackers for free and this will be a bigger risk for all Facebook users who didn’t change their mobile for long.
According to Mr. Gal, if you have a Facebook user ID of anyone, you can find that person's phone number, and vice versa, if you have that person's phone number, then you can get Facebook user's ID.

Facebook Clarification on Facebook Data Hack:

Facebook confirmed that this database was stolen during a security issue and Facebook had fixed the same in 2019. However, experts are confirming that user doesn’t change their phone numbers frequently and this data is still valuable for cybercriminals and can be used in wrong doing.
What is Telegram Bot:
As per Telegram mentioned its blog “Bots are simply Telegram accounts operated by software, not people and they'll often have AI features. They can do anything like teach, play, search, broadcast, remind, connect, integrate with other services, or even pass commands to the Internet of Things.”
Why Using Telegram Bot:
Nowadays Hackers are using multiple options to earn money by selling hacked information without being traced. Telegram bot provide an automation where credit will be incurredfor which the buyer had to pay a price of $ 20, which is about 1,450 rupees in India.
As per screenshots, bot was activated on January 12, 2021, but the database is being sold of 2019.

Preventive Action for Users:

1.       Facebook users should not provide all personal information in Social Media platform.
2.       If user has two phone numbers then they should have different number for Social Media websites other than their personal number.
3.       Always use Two-Factor-Authentication for login wherever is possible.
4.       Last but not least, do not make Social Media platform part of your life.

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