Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Take control of another computer

Things to need
Remote Pc’s Account Username And Password

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1. Go tO COmmand Promt(press Windows+R and type cmd)
2. type cd\ (to go to main root Of C:)
3. type the command
c:\net use \\(Rempote PC’s Username i.e Amit)\ipc$ /u:Administrator
c:\net use \\Amit\ipc$ /u:Administrator(press Enter)
(Results of the above Command)
The Password Or Username Is Invalid For \\Amit\ipc$.
Enter The PassWord For “Administrator” tp connect to ‘Amit’:*****
The Command COmpleted Successfuly.
4. Press Window+R Write regedit To Enter RegsitryEditor.
5. Press Alt+F Then C.
6. Write Down The “Object’s Name”.Amit(Computer’s Username)then Press Enter.
(New Computer’s Registry Is Successsfully Accessed).
7. Just GO TO
On The Right Hand Double Click On The Key Named As “NTLM”(New BOx Appear)
Value Name:NTLM
Value Data:(Replace 2 with 0)
Base :HexaDecimal
Press OK.
Get Out Of registry Editor.
8. Again Press Windows+R And Write mmc.(Consol1 Will Open)
9. Press Alt+F then M(New Windows Will Appear)
10.Press Alt+D Then Double Click On “Computer Management”
11.Select “another Computer” and write its Account Login(Amit).
12.Press Finish And Then Close The “Add StandALone Snap-in”Dialogue Box.
13.Now Press OK Of “Add/Remove Snap-in”.
14.On The Left Hand Expand Computer Management>Select Services And Aplications>Services
15.On The Right Hand Scroll down And Right CLick At “Telnet”And Select Restart Option.
16.Leave It As It is
17.Turn To Command Promt Write
c:\telnet Amit(Press Enter)
it Will Require Login And PassWord
Welcome TO Microsoft Telnet SErver

Now you are in your frnd computer....