Wednesday, January 3, 2018

5 Most Commonly Used Method To Hack And Preventive Measures

There are number of methods used by hackers to hack your Email/Social Network account and get your personal information. Today I will let you know 5 Most commonly used method to hack or crack your account password and preventive actions to avoid such attacks. This article will help to make your account safe.

1.      Brute Force Attack:

Brute Force attack or cracking is a hit and trial method to match all possible combinations of password. In Brute Force attack, that automated tool calculates every possible combination of numbers, letters and special characters that could make up a password and test that password whether it is the correct password or not. The cracking time is determined by the length and complexity of the password. This means short passwords can usually be cracked quite quickly.

Preventive Measures: Always use long and complex passwords using upper and lowercase letters along with numbers and special characters. Brute-force attack will take decades to crack long and complex passwords.

2.      Social Engineering

In Social engineering, hacker try to manipulate known person to gain trust and get information from them. Hacker can call his co-worker or friend and pretend to be from the IT department and ask for his login details. Nowadays hackers are calling the victims pretending to be from bank and ask for their credit/debit cards details. Many people fall into the trap and lose their money.

Preventive Measures: If someone tries to get your personal, bank details, any password or OTP, never ever give such details on phone or emails.

3.      Keyloggers:

Keylogger can be software and hardware both. Hacker install Keylogger software on victim’s computer by sending any malicious file. Most of the Keylogger work in stealth mode so you can not find them into installed programs. Hacker can monitor every keystore including passwords and control the computer remotely. Cyber Cafe’s operator connect keyboard in hardware Keylogger and collect all your information.

Preventive Measures: Never use cyber cafe or someone else computer to login on your bank account. If its important use on-screen or virtual keyboard while tying the login.  Never open any email attachment if it comes from unknown source or user.

4.      Phishing:

Phishing is the popular hacking method used by hackers to get someone login details. In Phishing attack hacker create fake page of any real website and send to victim. If receiver put his login detail on this fake page, this page sends all details to hacker. It’s very easy to create such kind of fake pages and host on servers.

Preventive Measures: Always make sure that websites url is correct. For example, URL of phishing page of ICICI might look like (As you can see There are two "I").

5.      Guessing:

Guessing easily helps you to get someone password within seconds. In This method, if hacker knows you, he can try to guess your password by using your known information i.e. your name, surname, phone number or date of birth.

Preventive Measures: Never use your name, surname, phone number or date of birth as your password. Always use long and complex passwords using upper and lowercase letters along with numbers and special characters.